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The Average Cost of a Repair

According to a article by HomeAdvisor, the rates for a service call to fix a in home appliance fall anywhere between $100 and $200. This is not including the price of the parts that maybe needed. I can now understand how we have turned into a throwaway society.

With most repair companies it would be easy to have a repair bill that is close to the price of a new unit.

I think we need to get away from this attitude of "everything is disposable" and get back to the "it can be fixed" mindset. like most of you I keep an eye on my finances, and I am always looking for the best deal.

I can assure you that at Brown's Appliance we can get almost every appliance fixed (parts and labor included) for less then the average companies service call fee. We accomplish this by having a very reasonable service call rate, $75.00 (which usually covers all the labor and return trips), and we do not mark our parts up an unreasonable amount. We know what it is like to keep a household going, and we understand that it takes a community minded company to service a great community!

So when your appliances fail, before you replace it, shop around service companies and compare them to Brown's, and you will see that we truly are a great company.

Shop around and Save

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